Mind Map


You can load a previously saved mindmap with a .jm file extension.

About Mind Map Tool

Brainstorming for your writing, or planning your next event? Our Mind Map Tool is here to help! Organize, summarize and visualize your thoughts as you brainstorm. A mind map is a visual representation of ideas that helps you structure your thoughts. It helps you to plan, analyze and generate more new ideas. With our intuitive and user-friendly interface, this handy mind map tool will make your planning effortless. You can even customise the mind map according to your preference and share your mind map with your friends. 

Add a node to record your thoughts, or even include an image to illustrate your thought! You can also change the colours of your nodes and texts according to your style. When you’re done, you can download your mind map to share with your friends. Either download your mind map as an image, or in .jm format. You can easily resume your work the next time when you upload your mind map in the .jm format! 

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Q: What is the Mind Map Tool about?

A: A mind map lets you organise, summarise and visualise your thoughts as you write. With our easy-to-use Mind Map Tool, recording your thoughts will be a breeze. 

Q: How to create a mind map using your Mind Map Tool?

A: The main node is your central idea that you’re exploring. Branch out your ideas by adding subnodes which are connected to either the main node or other subnodes. You can colour code different nodes for your easy reference. 

Q: How do I share my mind map with my friends?

A: You can download your mind map as an image, or in .jm extension for editable format. Alternatively, simply share your mind map using the social buttons below the working area.