A new free Programming Q & A Site

Hello, World!

I had just started my technical blog and here is my first post

Today I came across a nice and neat site for Q & A in programming

http://stackoverflow.com/ (funny name, I thought)

So what’s new about it and why is it different from hundreds of other Q&A Sites?

Joel Spolsky, one of the site creators and CEO of Fog Creek Software, maker of FogBugz, a bug tracking software, comments on the reason why he and Jeff Atwood, author of Coding Horror blog, started this project:

If you’re very lucky, on the fourth page of the search results
[while searching for a programming answer to a question], if you have the patience, you find a seven-page discussion with hundreds of replies, of which 25% are spam advertisements posted by bots …

…. I thought that the programming community could do better by combining the idea of a Q&A site with voting and editing.

Like Wikipedia, every question should appear once on the site; readers and admins clean duplicates regularly.

Readers can “Vote” up or down for answers and the answer seeker can “Accept” a specific answer

Good answers grant you reputation “badges” as a reward

Since it is a collaborative work, it is totally free, no ads, no bots, no sales people